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Celebrating the Fourth!

July 10, 2017 at 10:33 PM / by Gabby F.

The Fourth of July is undoubtedly something to celebrate! Making it memorable for your kids and teaching them to appreciate the meaning of the holiday is important. At Kwaddle, we hope you will check out these quick and easy ways to celebrate with the littles you love.

Fun and Informational

YouTube is a great place to find fabulous informational and educational videos for kids. I found this video about July 4th to be very entertaining and helpful in explaining why we celebrate the Fourth of July. I'm sure you will too. If you want to extend this activity, you could have a handful of kiddos re-enact the story of Independence Day. They can then share it with guests at your picnic or family gathering.

National Geographic Kids also does an excellent job of explaining Independence Day through pictures as well as words. NG Kids' website is also very informational about lots of topics and it also includes great games and activities.

Scavenger Hunt

Depending on your Fourth of July plans, maybe this scavenger hunt will be a fun way to celebrate. You will certainly earn brownie points with parents who are searching for ways to entertain their children so they can relax. Be sure to have a prize for the kids who find everything or for those that did their best.


Let's get real. The real reason we love celebrating Independence Day is because we get to eat yummy food and see fireworks. Even as an adult, I look forward to a good firework show each summer. What better way to commemorate "the bombs bursting in air" than to sit under the stars and sparking lights? Austin.com has put together a great list of all of the best places to watch fireworks in the Austin area.

If your Fourth celebration includes seeing fireworks with your children, keep in mind that they may be sensitive to noise. If you aren't sure how your child will react, grab some hearing protection to prevent them from becoming startled or afraid. For those who have decided to purchase your own fireworks, please use extreme caution. Whoever is lighting the fuse should be using goggles and putting as much distance themselves and the lit fireworks as possible. Spectators should stand a safe distance away in case the explosives don't do what they are supposed to. Better to be safe than sorry.

Enjoy it!

Your kids will only be kids once. They will only get 18 Fourth of July celebrations before they are adults and can choose where and who they want to celebrate with. Whether it's a simple meal with your immediate family or a big shindig with the whole neighborhood and then some, take a moment to breathe. Simply make memories. Don't miss your chance to make someone in your family smile.

If you are looking for other summer fun for the kids in your life, we hope you'll visit our website. Our amazing list of 8,000+ summer camps and kids activities is sure to help you find what you've been looking for. We also provide a list of fun events which can all be searched by location. From special needs activities to arts and crafts to sports and outdoors, we've got it covered. Oh and if you haven't already, take advantage of our $300 summer camp contest. Click HERE to enter. Happy Fourth!





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