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Leadership: How Parents and Coaches Can Help Kids Thrive

September 6, 2017 at 7:12 AM / by Gabby F.

In our recent blog series,

we talked about extracurricular activities. In the post "Sports: Extracurricular Activities for the Athletic Child," we specifically talked about the value of great leadership. We also introduced you to a book called "Playing It Forward" by coaching expert, Tim Law. Tim has great advice for coaches and parents alike and we hope to share some of these helpful ideas with you. The key ideas that Tim presents are not just coaching techniques, strategies, and philosophies. They also provide the very important life lessons that comes with sports and other extracurricular activities that your child may be involved in. Take a peek at this promotional video to hear from Tim.

"The reality is very few kids will make the Olympics or the major leagues of their preferred sport. However, the lessons learned can and will be invaluable to carry forward the rest of their lives.  Additionally, a sports career is relatively short when measured against a life of 80, 90 years or beyond. What they take away from sports is what will serve them in their next career."
-- Tim Law, coaching expert

Keep reading to hear what Tim has to say about the key lessons that impact our children so greatly.

What are some of these key lessons in leadership?

"First of all, let me start with one of the most useful philosophies I learned years ago by business and self-help giant, Brian Tracy. He said, 'Never wish for things to be easier. Always work to make yourself stronger.' Think about that. Do any of us really have control over what life will throw at us? Not really. However, can we adapt and become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally? Of course we can!"
"In this age of our ever softening culture and society, too many parents believe they are helping their kids by doing everything for them. Therefore, keeping them weak. If you believe your son or daughter needs all your help all the time, please read no further! However, if you believe that your child needs to work hard to achieve success, then there are two things I think all parents should be teaching their children."

Two important things

Tim believes that the two keys that all parents and coaches need to keep in mind are:
1) Teach your child/student how to feel good about themselves.
2) Teach your child/student how to survive (and thrive) in this world.

Help them feel good about themselves.

Let's elaborate on the first one. Children are very dependent on their parents or other role models to provide them with the positive reinforcement that tells them they are a valued human. It's so very important for parents to notice good behaviors and then praise them frequently. This looks very different from those parents who point out everything their child does wrong. Children and athletes alike desire to do well and be praised for their accomplishments so give them often. Another important piece to this is to make sure that you separate the child from the behavior. Just because a child does something unwanted, it doesn't make them a bad person. Allow me to give a clear example. If you have an athlete or child who you can see is not performing to their best ability at practice, it doesn't change who he or she is on the inside. You don't have to like what they are doing, but you should be able to set the poor behavior aside and still treat the child with respect. It is guaranteed to make a difference.

Help them survive and thrive.

The second key is just as important as the first. There is so much value in teaching our children to work hard. You could take the most uncoordinated student in the world and as long as he or she is willing to work hard, you can make him or her into an athlete. Tim calls this having "fire in the belly." This applies to school and many other areas in our lives. Discipline pays off.  Determination makes a difference. Initiative is what gets things done. Natural talent is, without a doubt, helpful, but it isn't mandatory. Anyone can do anything they put their mind to and give it their all. In his book, Tim goes on to talk about how it doesn't matter if you are male or female or what your ethnic background is. Any student can be successful if they truly try.

Get a personalized Leadership and Coaching consultation with Tim

Both parents and coaches alike can gain valuable knowledge from Tim, his experience and expertise. Start by getting your copy of his book, "Playing It Forward," and then reach out to Tim at tlaw5111@gmail.com to schedule a consultation. Each Leadership and Coaching consultation is geared to your specific needs and can help even the most challenging situations. Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to help your student be all that he or she can be.

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Gabby F.

Written by Gabby F.

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