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Featured Partner: Courtney Harris Coaching

January 3, 2018 at 11:00 PM / by Gabby F.

This week’s featured partner is Courtney Harris Coaching.

Courtney is a Child-Centered Coach who specializes in working with pre-teens, teens (typically 11 – 19 year olds), and their parents. We know that mental and emotional health is very important for our children and teens. However, like me, you may not be familiar with what coaching is about so I took time to chat with Courtney to learn more about what coaching is all about.

Q: What exactly is coaching?

A: Coaching is really about helping kids through the process of self-exploration. It also helps to give them a voice in their home and community and better identify who they are as a person. For teens who struggle with things such as social anxiety, managing emotions, feelings of being overwhelmed, and even poor sleep habits, coaching can really help to let them put words to how they are feeling. Additionally, coaching can be just as valuable for parents who feel disconnected from the children, question their parenting abilities, and feel like they are barely surviving. Also, coaching is something that can happen alongside other therapeutic treatment programs and Courtney is happy to partner with other therapists.

Q: What does coaching look like?

A: The coaching sessions are typically done online through video chat. Additionally, guidance is provided through email, phone, and online classes. It really provides a very strong feedback loop for children and parents.

Q: What benefits should clients get from participating in coaching?

A: Some of the benefits of joining a coaching program are:

  • Building a deeper trust within families
  • Better communication between parents and children
  • More peace in the home
  • More authentic connections within the family

Q: What is Courtney’s background with coaching?

A: Courtney has her Master's degree in Special Education. She also has vast experience in teaching restorative practices, social and emotional learning, and social skills. After teaching in a special ed. classroom for some time, Courtney felt her passion shift to truly helping families function better and feel more connected. She is also very interested in psychoeducation, which is the process of helping families who are also receiving mental health treatment. Coaching is the glue that can support families through both educational and mental health difficulties. In addition to special education, Courtney is also a certified yoga and mindfulness training instructor which is helpful in teaching relaxation and breathing techniques.

Q: How long has Courtney Harris Coaching been in business?

A: The coaching company launched in May 2017. However, in order to stay in tune with current practices, she still maintains employment part-time as a learning specialist.

Q: How can a family become a coaching client?

A: The best way for families to benefit from Courtney’s services is to purchase a monthly membership. This ongoing membership includes:
- 2 monthly online group calls (training, Q/A, and guest experts)
- Private Facebook Community
- Weekly tips/tools/resources delivered directly to your inbox - Personal and tailored strategies for your parenting concerns

- Unlimited opportunities to ask questions and get feedback and support within the FB group and through video chat app (Marco Polo)

- Unlimited access to all recorded calls and existing content (videos, articles, challenges)
- 15% Discount on all 1:1 packages

Bonus! Sign up for 6 months to receive:
- 1 Complimentary 1:1 call with Courtney (value of $75)

As a benefit for our Kwaddle Community, if you mention Kwaddle when you buy your membership, Courtney will include 1 complimentary 1:1 call with her-- Value $75. If you sign up for 6 months of membership, she will offer a 2nd complimentary 1:1 call-- Value $150.

Testimonial from Courtney's Client

"You helped us put our emotions into words, especially my girl’s. Also, you helped me figure out what are her main emotional needs and together, all three of us, designed strategies for her to ask for my help and me to offer the kind of help she needs. You also reminded me to provide myself with a positive emotional state so I can be there for my daughters in the way I want to be.... I feel more confident that her emotions are part of her process of growing up and I am not causing them, and at the same time I feel I have more tools to accompany her through all these feelings she is discovering."

If you would like to learn more...

...we encourage you to visit her website or try out Courtney's upcoming offering. "Family Visioning: Thriving in 2018," will be held on  January 23 at 7:00 pm CST. For more details and event information, please click HERE.

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Gabby F.

Written by Gabby F.

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