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Day Camp VS. Sleep Away Camp: What's the difference?

March 12, 2018 at 8:30 AM / by gabbyfisher

You are looking into camp options for your child and you are wondering which option is the best. At Kwaddle, we work with oodles of providers that offer one or both of these options and we are pleased to pass that information onto you. Both day camps and sleep away camps have their own pros and cons and we thought it might be helpful if we broke things down a bit.

What is day camp?

As you can likely assume, day camp typically runs only during the day. While many camps often run from 8 - 4 or 9 - 3, some may only run until lunch time and others may offer extended care for an additional fee. It is important to check the start and end times of the camp you are considering since they start and end at various times. The other notable difference is that day camps can last for only one week or can span over several weeks with various topics, skills, and themes throughout the summer. ATX Kids Club is an excellent example of a day camp that offers quality programming and transportation.



  • Socialization with kids outside of their normal routine
  • You get to see your child every day and your kiddo won't miss out on normal evening activities
  • If your child struggles with homesickness, they may function better knowing you will be there to pick them up after camp.
  • Day camps are typically less expensive, but not always


  • You will need to provide transportation to and from camp daily. However, some camps will provide limited transportation.
  • Day camp doesn't allow for the child to get away and practice living life without their parents.

What is sleep away camp?

Sleep away camp is when your child goes to a camp location and stays away for 3 nights to two weeks. It's like a sleepover on steroids! You can learn more about sending your child to sleep away camp by clicking here. Epic Adventures is one sleep away camp that will leave your kiddo with amazing memories of summer camp!


  • When you live with other people, it allows for a greater bonding experience between friends and counselors.
  • You only need to drop the child off and then pick them up when their camp is completed.
  • Allows for children to experience independence and responsibility.
  • Sleep away camps usually allow for kids to have more extreme experiences such as sleeping in tents, white water rafting, or caring for horses on a working ranch.


  • You won't see your child each evening and hear about their day.
  • If your child is not used to being away from you, he or she may struggle with homesickness.
  • Sleep away camp does tend to be more expensive.



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Written by gabbyfisher

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