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Hey Mom!

May 13, 2018 at 9:00 AM / by Gabby Fisher

"Hey Mom!"Those are the words that many of us hear day in and day out. "Hey mom, where is my uniform?" "Hey mom, can I have a snack?" "Hey Mommy, I don't feel so good." Some days, it is almost to the point that I think if I hear those words one more time, I might lose my ever lovin' mind.

Hey Mom!As mothers, we try to be everything to everyone in our lives. Many of us have obligations and requirements that must be met at work. We want to be there for our kids, significant others, spouses, and friends. We try to contribute to our communities, help the sick, and care for our aging parents. Lots of mothers double as the family chauffeur, chef, and housekeeper. Some of us even try to make our own birthday cakes and craft amazing things they found on Pinterest. In order to preserve my self image, I am not going to disclose if I am one of those people or not.

I recently finished the book called "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. There are two chapters in this book where she specifically talks about her own parenting experiences and how many of us put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. She basically says that if the parents are able to keep the child alive for the first year, you are a successful parent. While I never really thought of it this way, I think she might be onto something. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the #1 mom? As long as your child is safe and his or her basic needs are met, you are already an incredibly amazing parent.

ice cream with sprinkles

I love ice cream so I like to use this analogy to think about parenting. Go with me on this one! Vanilla ice cream is delicious! On a hot summer day, it is exactly how I like to cool off. Its smooth and sweet and refreshing. It's perfect all by itself. BUT...when I want to spiff up my vanilla ice cream, I add a little fudge, some whipped cream, and (wait for it) SPRINKLES! It's the extra stuff that makes my vanilla ice cream super special and yummy.


Keeping our kids alive and well is the vanilla ice cream. Doing special things like trips to the beach and making homemade birthday cakes, those things are the fudge and sprinkles. Aim for the ice cream and once in a while, toss some sprinkles on top to make things a little extra special. Your children will always remember the sprinkles.


Now, for all of you dads, partners, and others who might stumble across this post, don't wait until Mother's Day to thank the amazing women in your lives. Being a mom is hard work every day of the year, not just the one day set we set aside for the purpose of honor. Surprise your mom with flowers sometimes when she least expects it. Write her a little note to remind her that all of her "sprinkles" don't go unnoticed. Eat the birthday cake regardless of how it looked and then tell her it tasted amazing! Remind her that she is valued, cherished, and loved. 

We all need a little help sometimes. Let Kwaddle help you throw some hot fudge and sprinkles on their ice cream by connecting you with amazing enrichment programs for your kids!


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Gabby Fisher

Written by Gabby Fisher

Gabby is a loving wife and the mother of four amazing children, one of whom is adopted from Haiti. With a degree in Early Childhood and years of experience as a summer camp counselor, childcare center director, and yes, a professional Girl Scout, Gabby is very passionate about helping children and encouraging parents to find joy in the journey and connecting them with valuable resources and support. In her spare time, Gabby enjoys spending time with family, singing, playing softball and soccer, and painting.

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