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5 Questions to Consider Before Adopting a Dog as a Family Pet

October 19, 2017 at 2:54 PM / by Gabby F. posted in breeds, dog, dogs, dogs with kids, family dogs, General, Local Tips, pets, puppy, puppy class, training


Dogs are cute!

You won't hear me coming at you with 29 reasons why you shouldn't get a dog. That's for sure. Quite honestly, the opposite is probably true. Puppies are sweet and affectionate. Dogs are loyal and love you when no one else does. They keep you company. Dogs make great companions and teach children responsibility. They supposedly even lower blood pressure. The list could go on for days. However, just because puppies are cute and have many perks, doesn't mean that every family should have one. Before your son or daughter gives you puppy dog eyes and begs for a poochie, consider these questions to make sure your home is a good fit.

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